BSM is the world's leading manufacturer of mononitroxylene isomers and dimethylaniline series reduction products.

The main products are 4-nitro-o-xylene, N-(1-ethylpropyl) -3,4-dimethylaniline, etc.

BSM Products

BSM(intermediate systematics)

Product No Product Name Product Purpose
1 4-nitrogen It is a key intermediate of the herbicide pendimethalin and an important raw material for the production of forage vitamin B2 (riboflavin).
2 3-nitrogen It is a raw material for products such as 3-amine, 3-nitro-2-methyl benzoic acid and 3-nitrophthalic acid. Used as medicine and pesticide intermediates in the production of anti - inflammatory analges
3 Pentylamine It is a key intermediate of the herbicide pendimethalin3-nitrogen.
4 3-amine It is an important intermediate of organic synthesis, widely used in the synthesis of dyes and pharmaceuticals, and is the principal raw material of the anti - inflammatory analgesic drug ‘Mefenamic A